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Camping Survivor Venom Extractor Kit

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Venom Vacuum Aspirator Features:

  • Remove more poison through better efficient suction technique
  • Suitable for use on children
  • Also helps against bees & insect bites
  • Medical community recommended

First Responders Primary Considerations:

  • First take a deep breath, assume calm observation of the patient before deciding to implement aid 
  • Reassure patients not to panic or be nervous; agitated victim will cause the venom to quickly spread to other parts of the body

Snakebite Emergency Things To Know:

  • Use in order to avoid a mouth to wound suction by victim or rescuer caused by poison or the patient's wound infection
  • Do not cut the local wound in an attempt to clear out the venom: injected venom will often move deeper into tissue and absorb quickly and could easily lead to infection or cutting mode error causes poor wound healing
  • Do not use ice or electrical shock, will cause anti-vasoconstriction or necrosis, partial deterioration of blood circulation, limb swelling, necrosis 
  • Do not drink alcohol, coffee or teas so as not to promote blood circulation which makes the venom absorbed faster

Extractor Kit  includes:

  • 1 Suction Pump  
  • 2 Suction Cups 
  • 1 Iodine Cotton Pad
  • 1 Alcohol Swabs 
  • 1 Tourniquet 

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